Senior Secured Notes

Financial Reports

Pursuant to the requirements of the Indenture related to the 6.50% Senior Secured Notes Due 2025 (the “Notes”) issued by Forterra Finance, LLC, (the “Company”), a subsidiary of Forterra, Inc. (“FRTA”), the Company and FRTA are providing certain annual and quarterly reports and other information to (i) holders of the Notes; (ii) certain prospective investors in the Notes, (iii) security analysis who cover or intend to cover FRTA, the Company or the Notes and (iv) market makers who regularly make or intend to make a market in the Notes via a secured area. Instructions on how to request access to the secured area are listed below. All annual and quarterly reports posted to the secured area are or will be available also through the Company’s investor relations website and the U.S. Securities and Exchange website.


Accessing the Secured Area

Returning visitors may follow this link to access the secured area.

For current holders, prospective investors, security analyst and market makers who would like to access the secured area but have not yet been granted access by the Company, please download and complete the linked Certification Form. Please complete the form and e-mail a copy to the investor relations contact below. Eligible persons who submit a completed certification will receive an e-mail with instructions for accessing the secured area.

Forterra, Inc.
Attn: Investor Relations
511 E. John Carpenter Freeway, Suite 600
Irving, Teas 75062