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FORTERRA, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 06/11/2018
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agreements, obligations, indemnities, representations, warranties and liabilities of Tenant, express or implied, under the Lease and shall continue, unaffected by any actual, purported or attempted assignment, transfer or sublease of all or any portion of Tenant’s interest in the Lease or the Premises. Notwithstanding the foregoing, only upon any failure to fully pay, perform and discharge any of the Obligations, which failure constitutes a default under the Lease, which default remains uncured beyond any applicable cure period, if any, provided in the Lease (herein called a “Breach”), Guarantor, upon written demand from Landlord, shall fully pay, perform and discharge the Obligation or Obligations in question, and shall pay all damages, losses, costs, expenses (including, without limitation, actual attorneys’ and experts’ fees and court costs) and liabilities of Landlord that may arise in consequence of the Breach.

2.    The obligations of Guarantor hereunder shall remain in full force and effect without regard to, and shall not be affected or impaired by, the following, any or all of which may be taken without the consent of, or notice to, Guarantor nor shall any of the following give Guarantor any recourse or right of action against Landlord, each and all of which are hereby expressly authorized by Guarantor to be undertaken at any time and from time to time:
Any amendment, modification, addition or supplement of or to the Lease;
Any renewal, extension or continuation of the Lease or the term thereof, whether pursuant to a written agreement or otherwise, and including without limitation, any holding over by Tenant after the expiration of the term of the Lease, including any renewal or extension term, whether or not consented to by Landlord;
Any exercise or non-exercise or delay in the exercise or assertion by Landlord of any right or privilege under this Guaranty or the Lease;
Any bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, composition, adjustment, dissolution, liquidation or other similar proceeding relating to Guarantor or Tenant, or any action taken in respect of Tenant, this Guaranty, the Lease and/or the Premises by any trustee, receiver, debtor-in-possession or the like, by Landlord or by any court, in any such proceeding, including, without limitation, any assumption or rejection of the Lease under the Bankruptcy Laws, whether or not Guarantor shall have had notice or knowledge of any of the foregoing;
Any extension of time or other indulgence granted to Tenant or any waiver with respect to the payment of rents, additional rents and other charges and expenses to be paid by Tenant or with respect to the performance and observance of any other obligations of Tenant under the Lease;
Any assignment of the Lease or any subletting of all or any portion of the Premises;
The acceptance by Landlord of any security (including any real or personal property collateral) for the punctual and full payment of said rents or the punctual and full performance and observance of said Tenant obligations, or the release, surrender, substitution or omission to act, by Landlord with respect to any such security;
Any disaffirmance or abandonment by Tenant, any debtor-in-possession or any trustee of Tenant;
Any other act or omission to act by Landlord; and
Any other matter whatsoever whereby Guarantor would or might be released.
3.    Guarantor hereby knowingly, irrevocably, unconditionally and voluntarily waives:

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