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FORTERRA, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 06/11/2018
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of the Demised Properties for Tenant’s operations. Tenant’s entry into this Lease shall be made at its sole risk.
Section 29.02    Tenant shall comply with all Environmental Laws and cause and ensure the Demised Properties and all operations thereon (whether by Tenant or any subtenant) comply with all applicable Environmental Laws. Tenant shall not suffer or permit any Loss, on, at, under or affecting the Demised Properties of any source if the same pose a health or safety risk to invitees or employees. From and after the Commencement Date, Tenant shall be entitled to use, receive, store, handle, generate, treat, recycle or transport Hazardous Materials at the Demised Properties, in amounts customarily used in Tenant’s business and which shall be used, received, stored, handled, generated, treated, recycled or transported in full compliance with all applicable Environmental Laws. Tenant covenants to, and shall, undertake all Remedial Activities necessary to comply with applicable Environmental Laws arising out of any Use or Release of Hazardous Materials, by Tenant or its agents, employees, representatives, invitees, licensees, subtenants, customers or contractors (“Other Parties”), or otherwise adversely affecting any Demised Property, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, and shall give prompt written notice of same to Landlord. If any Remedial Activities relating to Hazardous Materials released on or at any Demised Property are required to be performed at any location other than the Demised Properties, Tenant shall use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain any required access agreements from third parties.
Section 29.03    In addition to any other obligation herein, Tenant shall indemnify, defend, protect and hold Landlord Parties free and harmless from and against any and all Losses and other obligations of any kind whatsoever that may be made against or incurred by Landlord Parties in connection with any of the following: (a) the violation of any Environmental Law or (b) a Release of Hazardous Materials or Environmental Conditions at, on, under, about or from the Demised Properties, in each case during the Lease Term (and in the event of any holding over by Tenant or any Post-Occupancy Period, during any period that Tenant occupies the relevant Demised Property) and any Environmental Claims, whether or not the same constitute a violation of any Environmental Law, including any and all reasonable costs and fees of attorneys or experts incurred by Landlord in defending against same. This and any other right of Landlord under this Lease shall inure to the benefit of Landlord’s successors and assigns, as well as Landlord’s Mortgagees, and their respective successors and assigns as third party beneficiaries. This Section shall survive termination of this Lease.
Section 29.04    Tenant shall promptly inform Landlord in writing of (a) any and all enforcement actions, demands for the initiation of Remedial Activities where no Remedial Activities are currently being conducted, or other governmental or regulatory actions, notices or orders (excluding routine actions such as permit renewals) instituted, completed or threatened pursuant to any Environmental Laws affecting the Demised Properties; (b) all claims made or threatened by any third Person against Tenant or the Demised Properties relating in any way whatsoever to Hazardous Materials or Environmental Conditions (the matters set forth in clauses (a) and (b) are hereinafter referred to as “Environmental Claims”); (c) Tenant’s receiving notice or otherwise becoming aware of any material Release of Hazardous Materials at, on, in, under to or from the Demised Properties or on, in or under any adjoining property. Tenant shall also supply to Landlord within seven (7) Business Days after Tenant first receives or sends the same, copies of all claims, complaints, notices, warnings, asserted violations or other material communications relating in any way to the matters described in this Section.
Section 29.05    In addition to any other obligations herein, Tenant shall be solely responsible for and shall indemnify, protect, defend, and hold harmless all Landlord Parties from and against any and all Losses directly or indirectly arising out of or associated in any manner whatsoever with Tenant’s Use or the presence or Release of Hazardous Materials at, on, under, about or from the Demised Properties prior to or

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