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FORTERRA, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 06/11/2018
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of the Demised Properties. Landlord shall have the right to require Tenant to remove, no later than the expiration date of this Lease (or any early termination thereof) any Alterations (subject to Tenant’s right to give a Post-Occupancy Removal Notice to Landlord in accordance with the provisions of Section 21.03) except for those Alterations required by Law or for which Landlord has agreed in writing that removal will not be required; provided, Landlord notifies Tenant, at least six (6) months prior to the expiration of this Lease or thirty (30) days prior to the early termination thereof, as applicable, of such removal requirement. Upon completion of any Major Alteration, Tenant shall furnish to Landlord, for informational purposes only, (i) a complete set (in electronic form, with the right of Landlord to request up to three sets of the plans in “hard copy”) of any “as-built” plans for such Major Alteration and (ii) certificates of final approval (or as applicable, evidence of permit closures or inspection reports) of such Major Alteration required by any Governmental Authority.
(c)    The interest of Landlord in the Demised Properties shall not be subject in any way to any Liens for improvements to or other work performed to the Demised Properties by or on behalf of Tenant. Tenant shall have no power or authority to create any Lien or permit any Lien to attach to the present estate, reversion, or other interest of Landlord in the Demised Properties. All mechanics, materialmen, contractors, laborers, artisans, suppliers, and other parties contracting with Tenant, its representatives or contractors with respect to the Demised Properties are hereby given notice that they must look solely to Tenant to secure payment for any labor, services or materials furnished or to be furnished to Tenant, or to anyone holding any of the Demised Properties through or under Tenant during the Lease Term. Such parties, and Landlord and Tenant agree that any work carried on at the Demised Properties shall not be done and shall not be deemed to have been done at the request of Landlord. If any contractor or party entitled to lien rights gives notice to Landlord pursuant to Section 19 of the Construction Lien Act (Ontario), Landlord shall have the right to refuse to assume responsibility. Tenant, at its expense, shall discharge any Lien or charge filed against the Demised Properties or the Land in connection with any Alterations within twenty (20) days after Tenant’s receipt of notice thereof by (i) payment, (ii) filing the bond required by law or (iii) otherwise in accordance with all applicable Laws (and Landlord may perform same at Tenant’s sole cost and expense if Tenant fails to do so within such twenty (20) day period). Tenant shall provide evidence reasonably satisfactory to Landlord that such Lien has been removed or bonded within such twenty (20) day period.
Section 7.01    Except as otherwise provided in this Article, Tenant, at its sole cost and expense, shall maintain each of the Demised Properties and each part thereof, structural and non-structural, in good order, condition and repair, including all areas outside of any buildings (including all sidewalks, driveways, landscaping, trash enclosures, and trash compacting and loading areas on the Demised Properties), and including any roof on any buildings, in a neat and clean condition, and shall take such reasonable actions necessary for the preservation and safety thereof. Landlord shall have no duty whatsoever to maintain, replace, upgrade, or repair any portion of the Demised Properties, including any structural items, roof or roofing materials. In connection with Tenant’s obligations under this Section 7.01, Landlord hereby assigns to Tenant (to the extent assignable), without recourse or warranty whatsoever, all assignable warranties, guaranties, indemnities and similar rights (collectively, “Warranties”) which Landlord may have against any manufacturer, seller, engineer, contractor or builder in respect of any of the Demised Premises.  Landlord shall use commercially reasonable efforts to assist Tenant in the enforcement of the Warranties and any other warranties, guaranties, indemnities and similar rights which Landlord may have against any manufacturer, seller, engineer, contractor or builder in respect of any of the Demised Premises, in each case, in accordance with their respective terms. Such assignment shall remain in effect until the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease, whereupon such assignment shall cease and all of the Warranties shall automatically revert to Landlord.  In confirmation of such reversion Tenant shall execute and deliver promptly

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