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FORTERRA, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 06/11/2018
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Landlord, no later than thirty (30) days prior to the end of the Lease Term, an amount sufficient to pay unpaid Real Estate Taxes and other accrued liabilities that will encumber the Demised Properties after the end of the Lease Term, to the extent that Real Estate Taxes and such other liabilities have accrued and will accrue through the end of the Lease Term. Landlord shall segregate all such deposits from its other funds and use such deposits solely to pay such Real Estate Taxes and accrued liabilities as they come due. All collecting authorities shall be instructed to send all invoices for Real Estate Taxes to Tenant. In the event any collecting authority sends the invoices to Landlord instead of Tenant, Landlord shall promptly forward such invoices to Tenant. If Landlord receives any notices of assessment from any Governmental Authority for any of the Demised Properties, Landlord shall promptly forward a copy of such notices of assessment to Tenant.
(c)    Provided that there shall be no Event of Default occurring at the time in question, Tenant shall have the right to undertake an action or proceeding against the applicable collecting authority seeking an abatement of Real Estate Taxes or a reduction in the valuation of the Demised Properties and/or contest the applicability of any Real Estate Taxes (including, without limitation, a reduction in the value of any Demised Properties under the terms of Proposition 8 (as adopted by the voters of the State of California in the November 1978 election) and any similar law, rule or regulation, now or hereafter applicable to the Demised Properties); provided, however, that Tenant delivers to Landlord prior written notice of any such action or proceeding by Tenant, and that Tenant has paid timely (and continues to pay timely) all Real Estate Taxes as provided in this Lease to the extent required by applicable Law. In any instance where any such permitted action or proceeding is being undertaken by Tenant, (i) Landlord shall cooperate reasonably with Tenant, at no cost or expense to Landlord, execute any and all documents approved by Landlord and reasonably required in connection therewith, and, to the extent required by the collecting authority, agrees to file at Tenant’s request any action or proceeding against the collecting authority in its own name, and (ii) Tenant shall provide Landlord with all information reasonably requested by Landlord with respect to such action or proceeding within ten (10) days after receipt of Landlord’s written request. Tenant shall be entitled to any refund (after the deduction therefrom of all expenses incurred by Landlord in connection therewith) of any Real Estate Taxes (including penalties or interest thereon) received by Tenant or Landlord, whether or not such refund was a result of actions or proceedings instituted by Tenant, to the extent such refund relates to Real Estate Taxes that are the responsibility of Tenant pursuant to this Section 3.03.
(d)    Tenant shall be solely responsible for, and shall pay directly to the applicable service providers, the cost of all utility services provided to the Demised Properties throughout the Lease Term. Notwithstanding the foregoing, upon the occurrence of both of the following events, Tenant shall pay to Landlord the cost of any and all utility services provided to the Demised Properties in lieu of payment directly to the applicable service providers: (i) delivery to Tenant of a written request therefor from Landlord, and (ii) the existence of any Default under this Section 3.03(d) by Tenant, or any Event of Default. Funds paid by Tenant to Landlord pursuant to the immediately preceding sentence shall be used only for the payment of the cost of utility services to the Demised Properties. If Tenant fails to pay the appropriate party (Landlord or the service providers, as provided herein) all such costs when due hereunder, then Tenant shall, without limiting any other remedies available to Landlord, reimburse Landlord for any and all penalties or interest, or portion thereof, paid or incurred by Landlord as a result of such nonpayment or late payment by Tenant.
(e)    Without limiting any of Tenant’s other obligations set forth in this Article, Tenant shall pay to Landlord, with each payment due to Landlord hereunder (and as a part of Rent due hereunder), all sales and excise tax on rental income and all other similar taxes imposed with respect to rental or other payments under this Lease relating to the Demised Properties in the nature of a sales tax, franchise taxes (subject to Section 3.03(e)(ii)), gross receipts tax imposed in lieu of sales tax, occupancy tax, commercial rents tax or the like, whether imposed by a federal, state or local taxing authority. To the extent permitted by applicable Law, Tenant may pay any such tax directly to the taxing authority, provided Tenant, within ten

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