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SEC Filings

FORTERRA, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/09/2017
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Notes to Unaudited Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements

2017, requesting that the Court dismiss all claims in the Delaware Action. On March 24, 2017, the plaintiffs in the Delaware Action filed a response, and the defendants filed a reply on April 7, 2017. The court in the Delaware Action held a hearing on the defendants' motion to dismiss on September 21, 2017, but the Court has not issued any ruling on that motion. As a result of the Reorganization, the defendants in the Delaware Action are no longer part of the Company and its consolidated subsidiaries, however the Company remains the liable party in this matter. As of September 30, 2017, no liability for this contingency has been accrued as payment of any earn-out is not considered probable. However, the outcome of this matter is uncertain, and no assurance can be given to the ultimate outcome of the resulting proceedings. If the Company is unsuccessful in resolving the dispute, it could recognize a material charge to its earnings.

Beginning on August 14, 2017, four plaintiffs filed putative class action complaints in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York against a group of defendants that varies by complaint but includes the Company, certain members of senior management, the Board of Directors, Lone Star and certain of its affiliates, and certain banks that acted as underwriters of the IPO (collectively or in groups that vary by complaint, the “defendants”). On August 14, 2017, a putative class action complaint was filed by Charles Forrester; on August 16, 2017, a putative class action complaint was filed by Supanin Disayawathana; on August 23, 2017 a putative class action complaint was filed by Matthew Spindler; and on September 27, 2017, a putative class action complaint was filed by Nancy Maloney (the four complaints together, the "Securities Lawsuits").

The Securities Lawsuits are brought by each plaintiff individually and on behalf of all persons who purchased Company securities during an alleged class period that varies by complaint, but generally begins with the IPO in October 2016 and lasts through a range of dates from May 12, 2017 through August 14, 2017. The Securities Lawsuits generally allege that the Company's registration statement on Form S-1 filed in connection with the IPO (the "Registration Statement"), and in the case of certain complaints, statements made by the Company or the individual defendants at times after the IPO, contained false or misleading statements and/or omissions of material facts relating to (1) the lack of growth from organic sales versus sales from acquisitions, and the lack of organic growth related thereto, (2) increased pricing pressure on the Company's products, (3) softness in the concrete and steel pressure pipe business, (4) operational problems at plants, including problems relating to defective products, (5) unpaid invoices for products and services that resulted in understated expenses, (6) an undisclosed material weakness in internal controls related to inventory, and (7) an undisclosed material weakness in internal controls relating to bill and hold transactions.

The Securities Lawsuits generally assert claims under Section 11 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended ("Securities Act"), Section 15 of the Securities Act, Section 10(b) of the Exchange Act and Rule 10b-5 promulgated thereunder, and Section 20(a) of the Exchange Act, and they seek (1) class certification under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, (2) damages in an amount to be proven at trial, (3) prejudgment and post-judgment interest, (4) an award of reasonable costs and expense of plaintiffs, including counsel and expert fees, (5) an award of rescission or a rescissory measure of damages, and (6) equitable or other relief as deemed appropriate by the court.

On October 13, 2017, three competing motions were filed for consolidation of the Securities Lawsuits and for appointment of an individual or group of individuals as lead plaintiff in the consolidated case under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Responses to the competing motions were filed on October 27, 2017, at which time one motion was withdrawn and on November 3, 2017, one of the moving parties, Wladislaw Maciuga, filed a Notice of Non-Opposition with the Court, noting that he was unopposed as lead plaintiff. The court is expected to make its lead plaintiff determination before the end of the year.

The Company intends to defend the Securities Lawsuits vigorously. Given the stage of the proceedings, the Company cannot reasonably estimate at this time the possible loss or range of loss, if any, that may arise from the Securities Lawsuits.